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What Is Confessions & How To Play It?

Confessions is the game of secrets and lies. Confessions is probably the most awkward adult party card game you will ever play.

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Place the Confession cards in the middle of the table and nominate someone to keep score using a pen and a piece of paper.


The most innocent-looking person begins the game as the Confessor. The Confessor picks up the top Confession card and reads the statement aloud.

They will now finish telling the story that is started by the card by either revealing something that’s true or by telling a believable lie.

The Confessor then places a voting card with their answer face up on the table, which is kept hidden by placing the Confession card that was just read out on top. To keep their answer a secret, the Confessor may want to do this under the table.

The other players now vote on whether the confession they’ve just heard was genuine (True) or was in fact made up (Lie).

Once everyone has voted, the Confessor will reveal their actual answer and if true, they may elaborate on the story, assuming they are happy to share the details.


Anyone caught revealing the Confessor’s secret before all players have voted will result in that player forfeiting all points for that round.


The Confessor gets 1 point for each person that guessed wrong. Players that guessed right also receive 1 point. Play continues clockwise with the player to the left reading out a new Confession card. The person with the most points after 3 complete rounds wins the game.


There are plenty of ways to spice up the game. Here are a few additional house rules you might like to try…


Each player may ask the Confessor one question.
The Confessor may take the Fifth Amendment, however, inferences may be drawn from a refusal to answer a question during cross-examination.


If you’d rather not read the Confession card you’ve picked up due to the likely shame it will bring on you and your family, simply take and read the next card in the deck. Taking a do-over costs 1 point.


Each time a player gets a voting decision wrong, they must take off one item of clothing. This continues until someone is down to their undergarments or, if you prefer, completely naked. Taking a do-over costs 1 item of clothing.


Each time a player gets a voting decision wrong, they must take a drink. The Confessor may also allocate drinks equal to the number of people who guessed wrong to whoever they like. Taking a do-over requires the Confessor to finish their drink or do a shot.

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After all, you don’t want the fun to end too soon!

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