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Here’s How To Throw The Best Stag Party Ever

By 18/04/2022Confessions

Stag Party Game for a Memorable Stag Night

If you’re looking for a stag do game to plan your best friend’s stag party but don’t know how to host one, you’ve come to the right place. It might be difficult to plan a stag party, but we’re here to help you with the ultimate guide to throwing a great stag night.

Let’s get one thing clear: organising a stag party isn’t as simple as it seems. There are things to think about, rules to follow, and people to please. I believe we can all agree that your best friends deserve the greatest stag do money can buy, one that will be remembered for years.

Let me introduce you to the Confessions Bachelor Party: the game of secrets and lies.

Confessions Bachelor party card game stag do

Confessions bachelor party is the best stag night drinking game on the market. The Bachelor card game is probably the most awkward game you will ever play with your friends at your stag party. Confessions stag do card game was created with the intention of extracting as many embarrassing stories from your friends as possible.

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Confessions bachelor party is the ideal game for a stag do that won’t leave the groom emotionally bruised in the morning. If you’re going to start planning your best friend’s last night of freedom, Confessions is a must.

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How To Play Confessions?

Here’s how to play the Confessions Bachelor party game, which is similar to how you’d play the Confessions main set, except the bachelor party content is focused on the groom.

Full details on what is Confessions and how to play it can be found here

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