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What Is Profanity & How To Play It?

Profanity is a card game for smutty people

Here’s how you play…

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Shuffle the deck and deal each player 10 cards. Place the rest of the deck, face down, in the middle of the table as the draw pile.


The smuttiest person begins the game as the Judge. The Judge picks up one additional card from the draw pile before laying down their chosen starting word face up.

All players except for the Judge now choose one card from their hand to pair with the Judge’s card to create a smutty phrase.

Players may combine their card with the Judge’s card in any order they wish. For example, if the Judge’s card was Swallow, the card ‘Dutch’ could be used to make the phrase ‘Dutch Swallow’ or ‘Swallow Dutch’.

Each player’s chosen card should be placed in front of them face down. The player to the left of the Judge begins the round. They may now turn over their card and say their chosen phrase aloud.

Once the player has revealed their smutty phrase, they should now provide their own twisted definition.

Play continues clockwise until all players have revealed their phrase.

The Judge should now choose their favorite phrase and that person receives 1 point. To help keep track of the scoring, the winning player is given the Judge’s starting card.

Sometimes it will be more amusing to give your definition before revealing your chosen phrase.

All players except for the Judge should now pick up a new card so that they have 10 in their hand and the player to the Judge’s left becomes the Judge for the next round.

After each complete round (i.e. when all players have been the Judge for an equal number of turns) players may purge and re-draw as many cards as they like from their hand.

The player with the most points after 3 complete rounds wins the game.


For groups of 6+ players, it is possible to play Profanity in teams.

Two-person teams work best, however, if there is an odd number of players it’s possible to have one team of 3 players.

Shuffle the deck and deal each player 10 cards. Place the rest of the deck, face down, in the middle of the table as the draw pile.

The smuttiest team begins the game as the Judge. The Judging team turns over the top card from the draw pile.

One player from each team should now select a pairing card and will place this face down in front of their teammate. The card recipients have 30 seconds to look at the card and come up with a smutty definition for their chosen phrase.

Once the phrases and definitions have been given, both Judges should point at the person whose answer they liked the most and a total of two points will be awarded. If the vote is split, both teams receive 1 point.

If the judging team has more than two players, only two votes should be cast.

Once the scores have been written down, play continues and the team to the Judge’s left become the Judges for the next round.

The first team to 10 points wins the game.

Not Sure If Profanity Game Is Right For You?

To help make your mind up about whether the Profanity game is the right fit for you, we’ve put together some of the cards in a pdf so you can see just how dark and fun they are before making a purchase.

profanity a card game for smuty people gameonology

After all, you don’t want the fun to end too soon!

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