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Confessions PDF Free Download

By 23/03/2022April 5th, 2022Confessions

Download your free copy of Confessions pdf here

P.S. Here’s a video of Kaitlin and her housemates playing Confessions which we hope you enjoy!

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Confessions Game is NOT a family card game and we strongly recommend that you don’t play this with your parents or children.

  • Confessions is probably the most awkward adult party game you will ever play
  • Includes 308 cards (298 confession cards and 10 voting cards)
  • A naughty adult card game for groups of 3 – 10+ players
  • Can be played as a fun drinking game for adults
  • Must be 17+ as contains adult content

Buy the physical copy of Confessions Game and we’ll ship it worldwide.

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