Gameonology is the co-founder of Guards Against Insanity now changed to Guards Vs Insanity, Confessions, Obscenity, and Profanity – adult party card games.

The UK-based company was founded in 2015 by David Moore and Farhad Kamali with a passion for play and creativity along with a desire to launch something unique in the world of games. With that mission, they developed game-changing card games.

We at Gameonology have worked very hard in developing the most fun, funny and outrageous party card games. Our main aim is to make sure everyone has a great night out with as little effort as possible.

Our party card games have been developed by game-lovers for game-lovers! We hold a passion for creating games that are funny, engaging, and somewhat politically incorrect. Our vision is to provide adults with an alternative to the usual mundane games.

Since 2015, the founder of Gameonolgy has created and launched the following adult party card games:

Guards Against Insanity now Guards Vs Insanity
Confessions: The Game of Secrets & Lies
Obscenity: A Shameless Adult Party Game
Profanity: A Card Game For Smutty People

Our games actively encourage you to cross the line so that in the end it’s barely visible.“

F Kamali – Gameonology