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Gameonology is the co-founder of:

Guards Vs Insanity, Confessions, Obscenity & Profanity.

Fun adult party card games for smutty people

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Welcome to Gameonology, your one-stop shop for all things party card games.

Are you planning a party or game night, or perhaps you are looking for a gift for a friend but don’t know what to buy them? Our superb adult card games are perfect for you and your friends if you have a dark sense of humour and aren’t easily offended.

Gameonology is a UK-based company founded in 2015 by David and Farhad with a passion for play and creativity, along with a desire to launch something unique in the world of games. With that mission, we developed the following adult party card games:


A brutal fill-in-the-blanks party card game for sick and twisted individuals.

We’ve changed Guards Against Insanity’s name.

You might have noticed we’ve re-branded Guards Against Insanity to Guards Vs Insanity. Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same horrible content as before. So if you have a dark sense of humour this is the party game you’ve been waiting for. Learn more…

Download Guards Vs Insanity Free PDF


The Game Of Secrets & Lies

Confessions Game is probably the most awkward game you will ever play with your friends. Confessions allows you to discover your friends’ most intimate secrets and their most embarrassing stories. Learn more…

Download Confessions Free PDF


A shameless adult party card game

If you’re looking for a fun, fast-paced adult party card game and think you’ll enjoy gleefully shouting ‘Bingo B**ches’ into your opponents’ faces, you should definitely buy the Obscenity game. Learn more…

Download Obscenity Game Free PDF


A party card game for smutty people

If you enjoy reading some of the really messed up sh*t on Urban Dictionary, this is the game for you & you should definitely buy it. Learn more…

Download Profanity Game Free PDF

Hey you, hold on!

Not Sure Our Games Are Right For You?

To help you in deciding whether our games are a good fit for you. We've made a video of each game so you can see how dark, fun, and hilarious they are before you buy!

If you are easily offended, this is NOT for you

Watch Gameplay


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